5 Ways to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Every winter seems to get colder and colder, which if you’re anything like me, you’re probably slowly metamorphosing into The Grinch! I’m talking about doing EVERYTHING possible to stay indoors and slightly hibernating including gaining unwanted weight! Here are 5 easy tips to help you stay healthy during the cold months!

1.) Hydrate

Hydration during the winter is essential for your mental and physical health! Keeping your insides well lubricated with H2O will help fight muscle fatigue, moisturize your skin, increase your digestive abilities and helps with keeping the fluff off! Since our bodies are about 60% water (each organ with varying rates) it is key to our health!!

2). Weight Train

Lifting weights during the winter is not just good for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Incorporating weight and strength training into your daily routine will help increase your serotonin and dopamine in your brain helping you beat the winter blues!!

3.) Volume Over Quantity

Go for volume over quantity when it comes to eating! Yes all the baked, stuffed, fried comfort foods are calling your name right now! Begging you to curl up on a couch and just gorge away! I’m not going to tell you to NOT do it (although you shouldn’t) but rather suggest you switch what you’re snacking on! If you’re craving crunchy salty snacks, instead of potato chips; try kale chips! If those are too green for you find a recipe for turnip fries! (they look and taste similar to French fries! If you’re craving a pint of ice cream, you can blend Nutrafx protein along with fruits, coconut milk and ice and WA-LAH! Ice cream! Im not saying you can’t indulge, I’m just saying change HOW you indulge!

4.) Increase Your Protein

There are so many benefits to a higher protein diet, but specifically speaking for the winter time, it is going to be vital for weight lost. Protein keeps you full longer and takes double the energy to burn off than fat and carbs. Which works out great if you skipped past tip #3 because all those extra calories need to be BURNED OFF!!

5.) Don’t Skip Your Supplements

If you like being sick, weakened immune system, and the potential to gain weight due to a slower metabolism, then by all means, go ahead and skip your supplements! Taking immune boosting supplements such as a multivitamin, CLA’s, Fish oil, can not only keep the unwanted fluff off, but they can potentially keep the flu and other weather born colds away!!!

Head over to the Nutrafx store to find some great supplements for this winter!

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