Im more like Mighty Mouse, NO2 makes me train like a Beast!

I’d like to share that the NO2 nitric oxide booster is one of my favorite supplements to take. It’s a stimulant free preworkout that helps increase muscle growth and improves my daily performance in every workout. It not only gives me the extra energy I need during a Lift, it also increases my stamina. This means I look forward to doing Cardio right after as I used to dread it. Since taking NO2 consistently I feel as tho it masks the fatigue I usually get especially after a hard Leg workout day! 

As an athlete who’s asthmatic, I notice it has helped regain strength in my lungs and supports my respiratory system. I find myself not using my inhaler as I usually do before a workout. This by far was definitely a game changer for me. Inhaling and exhaling was a struggle and now it’s non existent after consistently taking it. 

Another benefit of NO2 is the massive pump I get while working out. It’s outrageous and feels amazing! I’m 5 ft and 115 lbs but after taking it, I feel like the HULK! Even when I know, Im more like Mighty Mouse, NO2 makes me train like a Beast! It’s a Phenomenal product and not only can I feel it but I can SEE IT! 

No2 is definitely a product I recommend and stand by. I always look forward to every workout knowing I have the best quality products in my gym bag! Add NO2 to your next order and Make sure y’all do too!!! 🤙🏽


Vanessa Abuan | FX Supps Elite Athlete


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