Angelina Jones

I started my fitness journey in 2010 when I decided I wanted to challenge myself and test my limits. I’ve always been active, but preparing for my first bikini competition was something way out of my comfort zone. This challenge soon became a lifestyle and led to a lot of personal development.

The dedication, and determination to succeed was the driving force. I also want to lead by example for my kids, that when you have a goal, you don’t quit. You see it through to the best of your ability.

Competing in bikini was never the original goal, but I had to start somewhere…A few bikini shows (and a pregnancy) later, I stepped on stage for the first time in Figure. Finally feeling like I found the division best suited for me.

Taking some time away from the stage, but staying consistent in the gym, paid off in 2021 when I won Figure Overall at the Phoenix Europa.

As with most things in life, consistency is key. Surround yourself with likeminded people, and always strive to be your best self. No excuses! Strive For Xcellence

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